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The NarroWay Animals

  • Katahdin sheep
    miniature donkey and Nigerian dwarf goat

    Do you love animals?

    This site is for you!
    Welcome to, a site devoted to the four-legged stars of NarroWay Productions. The friends you'll see on this site are, or have been, treasured members of the NarroWay cast. Like their two-legged counterparts, they perform faithfully on the NarroWay stage, bringing life to stories from the past to intersect humanity today with the gospel message of Jesus.

    Every NarroWay animal is

    • Much Loved
    • Well Cared For
    • Invested in for Life
    mini pig

    Read their Stories

    See how each animal uniquely came to be at NarroWay and uncover their distinct personalities when you read their stories.

    Share their miracles

    A blind goat, a donkey headed to the slaughterhouse, a horse that nobody wanted.... But God intervened in a dramatic turnaround, sparing lives and supplying needs.
    standard donkey smiling

    Laugh at their Antics

    Enjoy photos and videos in our gallery. See shots from the stage, behind the scenes and daily life at the NarroWay barn.
    baby goat

    Invest in their Lives

    Impact the life of an animal and invest in the life-changing mission of NarroWay. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you've made a difference, there are also great benefits available, including one-on-one time with your sponsored animal!

    4-Legged Stars

    See them on stage at NarroWay

    "The Broadway of Christian Entertainment," NarroWay features original, large-scale, Broadway-style shows year-round at the NarroWay Theatre in Fort Mill SC. Many NarroWay shows are set during Biblical times - a day very different from 21st century America.

    Trade and commerce were agriculturally based and animals were a vital part of society. Many were important to travel, others for milk, food and clothing. Because animals were so vital to daily life in those ancient times, NarroWay recognizes their importance on the stage.

    Animals play a major role in the realism of Biblical productions. At NarroWay, they are included in any show where their presence is appropriate. These four-legged stars are a highlight for guests young and old!

    NarroWay is licensed by the USDA and meets or exceeds all regulations for animal wellfare.